We were testing the toughness of the blade against objects that were supposed to hold up but we kept breaking every slab we hit so this was the comparison to see if the concrete was weak, it wasn’t, it is the shape of the blade that multiplies the force of the hits and sends shattering force in and away from the contact point. the iron fox axe was in perfect condition the other axe was damaged beyond repair after 12 hits.

We are blatantly trying to break the blade on the Fox axe. It remained unaffected after the strikes, you are only able to see shiny spots where the black oxide coating scratched away. The blade on the traditional axe was destroyed.

Testing the blade’s ability to resist getting stuck, I didn’t even feel the like the blade slowed down from the non shingled cuts. We are going to do some torture tests on the blade soon and those should be a lot more fun.