Flathead Axe

Black Flathead Axe

Price: $229.95
Length: 8.75 inches
Width: 1 inch
Weight: 7.5 pounds
tool steel
53-56 HRC
Note: The axe length is a measurement of the entire tool, NOT the handle below the head.
As of 01/01/16 all flathead axes will come WITH the halligan groove

The axe has been at the fireman’s side as the tool of choice from the beginning and has become a symbol of the fire service. Throughout the years building construction and materials have changed while axe design has remained the same. Because of this, new tools have been created to overcome the shortfalls of the traditional axe. The Fox Axe by Iron Fox Axes has been skillfully designed and built to dominate the modern fire ground. Bringing the axe back to the forefront of fire ground operations and preserving the tradition of the fire axe in its modern form. Elegant, powerful and destructive the Fox Axe will revolutionize your view of what a fire axe can do.

The patented cutting edge

The top of the blade is raised higher and pitched forward to cut with less effort and quickly create openings and purchase points. At the tip it tapers to the cutting surface from back to front much like a traditional axe. The edge is ground like a chisel to allow it to withstand much more abuse than a traditional hollow ground axe blade before becoming damaged. As the blade extends downward it sweeps backward to complement the natural arc of your swing, reducing feedback into the handle and delivering more energy to the target. The extended beard of the blade guards against overstrikes and creates a longer cut while the flat on the bottom of the beard lets you pull wet drywall and sheeting in sections instead of chunks. As the blade stretches downward it becomes wider and heavier. This added weight and patented design gives you a deeper cut without the risk of fighting a stuck blade ever again. The axe simply breaks an opening the width of the tool and easily slides out after every hit no matter how deep you bury it. At the thickest point of the blade we maintained an edge that directs the energy to the centerline, multiplying the force at the point of contact . The shape of the blade directs the force at specific angles away from the centerline. This creates fractures and tears that allow you to break through with less effort. Where other tools will fail the Fox axe will succeed.

The Flat Head

The blade of the Fox axe is engineered to be extremely destructive and can’t be used to strike anything you don’t want damaged. For this reason Iron Fox Axes has designed a flat head version of the Fox axe. When we created the flat head Fox axe we took steps to maintain the same properties that gave the original Fox axe its superior performance and feel. We took the material originally used in the pick and added it to the rear of the axe, increasing the mass of the striking area, making sure the weight and balance was identical to the original. In addition to adding stock to the rear and making the flat surface wider we added a slight radius to back of the axe. This radius improves the angle of impact and helps you strike your target more squarely. This reduces the chance of deflection and virtually eliminates feedback into the handle.

The steel

There is more to the design of the axe than just the shape. The steel that is used makes a difference as well.The better the steel, the more versatile the axe becomes. When you cut glass you have to use a diamond because only something harder and tougher will make the cut. The laws of physics are universal and the harder and tougher a steel is the more materials it can cut through without deforming, even other steels. The manufacturing technology for steel has come along way in the last 100 years. With those advancements we are able to make The breach axe from one of the hardest, toughest tool steels ever created. It is so tough after the heat treatment process that it is unworkable with conventional tooling. The technology of the steel, in combination with the geometry of the design, creates a powerful and nearly indestructible tool. At over twice the strength of a conventional axe it will defeat anything you challenge it with and will be able to be passed down for generations to come. This is innovation and tradition masterfully combined to create the most versatile fire axe ever made.


Traditional Tennessee hickory

The wooden handle is made by American craftsmen of the finest 2nd growth Tennessee Hickory. The hickory used for the handles is blemish free pure white hickory, water starved, to bring the grain closer together, and fire hardened to temper the wood, creating the toughest wooden handles anywhere. And it’s attached to the head not with a single wedge, like most axes, but four! One lateral wood wedge and three additional metal wedges work together to brace the head in all dimensions. Frankly, if you ever want to replace the handle, you’ll have to drill out the old one.

High-performance fiberglass.

The fiberglass haft was designed to look and feel as much like a traditional wooden handle as possible while possessing all the strength and durability that fiberglass handles are known for. It’s pressure rated at 1,200 lbs and is so firmly epoxied to the head that it simply won’t come off. Plus its textured grip, short throat, and “fawn’s foot” knob provides a firm, non-slip grip, even with wet gloves. Strong and maintenance free these handles will last a lifetime.